Nov 30, 2017

Andy Murray sets to train future sports stars

Source: Clive Brunskill/Getty Images Europe

Andy Murray has announced that he will mentor a 17 years old tennis player from Scotland as part of his new management agency.

The Scottish who is also a former world no. 1 has selected the first batch of three promising future sports stars to join 77 Sports Management, an organisation he set up just last year. They are Aidan McHugh from Glasgow and will be joined by 20-year-old twin sprinters Shannon and Cheriece Hylton from Nottingham.

McHugh is currently British junior no. 2 and has six junior titles to his name.

He made his debut at the Wimbledon Boys Championships earlier this year and has been training on court with both Andy and Jamie Murray. While we wait for the future tennis champ to emerge, do spend some time to play the most popular table games online.

In this new role, Murray will work with his team to plan and manage all aspects of the young prospects' careers as they work to establish themselves in their respective sports.

In his interview with BBC Sports, he said he would use his own experience to mentor the trio and guide their professional decisions.

They will also have access to the same facilities, personnel, nutrition, sports science and commercial opportunities.

Murray said, "I signed with a management company for the first time when I was 12, 13 years old, which to me is ridiculous."

"It's way, way too young. You don't need that pressure. You're trying to become a professional and certainly my parents were not experienced in dealing with those situations."

"You can get yourself into trouble by signing long-term contracts that might not be in your best interests. Things like that you can avoid if you've got the right people around you."

Murray started playing tennis at the age of three.

This is the first time Murray has spoken about his new venture in sports management.

In the exclusive interview with BBC Sport, Murray explains his plan to recruit and mentor top prospects, while still competing at the highest level himself.

Murray says he decided to kick start his own management company after his maiden Wimbledon triumph in 2013.

Murray set up 77 Sports Management, a spinoff  from the group that took care of him. It intends to provide recruits with access to the player himself as well as much of the set-up around him - personnel, sports science, nutrition, facilities, commercial opportunities and more.

"If there's anything they, their family, or anyone around them wants to ask or talk to me about, then that's what I'll do," he adds.

"I don't want to be imposing my views or ideas on anyone. But I think that's one of the nice things about having an athlete as part of the management company."

"Often the people in management companies haven't played the sport or been athletes themselves, so hopefully that's a little extra thing I can add."

Meanwhile, Murray is still hopeful of returning to the tennis tour in Brisbane in 2018, months after limping off the Wimbledon's Centre Court with a painful hip. However, he refused to guarantee he will recover in time for the tour.

Murray’s last match was that Wimbledon defeat at the hands of Sam Querrey,

Currently he is doing plenty of rehab but has taken the risk and took part in a fundraising event to play against Roger Federer recently.

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