Jan 16, 2013

Brian Baker wheeled off court at Australian Open

Brian Baker must be the most unlucky man on tour.

He was wheeled off court earlier today after retiring from his second round match against fellow American Sam Querrey at the Australian Open.

The 27-year-old only returned to the tour last year after almost six seasons out with a variety of injuries.

However, sadly, Baker who was making his debut at the first grand slam of the year was forced to quit with a knee injury.

"He's the last person that deserves anything like that with his five or six surgeries already," Querrey said.

Baker under the knife:
  • Left hip (2005)
  • Hernia (2006)
  • Right elbow reconstructive surgery (February 2008)
  • Left hip (April 2008)
  • Right hip (June 2008)


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