Jun 29, 2010

Rendy Lu talks about win, dad and chickens

Here's Rendy Lu Yen-hsun's round 4 post match Wimbledon interview.

Q. You played him twice before. What was the difference?

YEN‑HSUN LU: I think for me I know he's very tough on grass because he has big serve. And I don't think I'm doing different than last time. But I just show my serve when I was in trouble or when I in tough situation, I don't overplay.

So I have to stay with him because last two match, sometimes in the pressure, I overplay because I want to make a winner.

But today I just take a time, serve regular, and stay with him, try to find a chance and to win the set, set by set, set by set, until end, I shaking hand and I win. Yeah, I just don't think.

Q. When it was leveled at two sets each, was it psychologically tougher for you then?

YEN‑HSUN LU: I mean, yes. This question, for me, the fourth set I have a chance. I have 3‑1. The dropshot, I come in. I still thinking when I was going to the final set. I just tell myself, I have to fight. Because I know in the fifth set, there is no tiebreak, and he has better serve.
So I just tell myself, If I can stay longer, longer, longer, then probably something happens. And finally then I waited last chance to close the match.

But I tell you, fifth set, I don't believe I can win because he's better server than me.

Q. You didn't believe?
YEN‑HSUN LU: No, I mean, for chance, I don't believe. But I just tell myself, Even I don't believe, I have to fight, yeah.

Q. What were the emotions like for you after the match? You won, sat down in your chair. What was going through your mind after the victory?

YEN‑HSUN LU: Yeah, I mean, for me, because I really thankful for my family. Also because I'm really upset because my father's already pass away. I make this result. I'm really proud myself to share this victory with him in the sky. I hope he see this match.

So in that moment, I just sit and tell myself, I done it. I done for my father. I done for myself also. I done for all the people support me, yeah.

This one is for Dad who is watching up there...

Q. May we ask when your father passed away?

YEN‑HSUN LU: Is 2000, when I turned professional, that year.

Q. So now having achieved the best result of your career, how far do you think you can go here?

YEN‑HSUN LU: Right now, I just want to say I want to have good sleep tonight. I know the next opponent is Djokovic. Also is very great players. I don't know how far I can play. I cannot tell you. But I can tell you if I have a chance to step on the court, I will fight in the end, yeah.

Q. Is it true you call yourself Randy because your English teacher could not pronounce your name?

YEN‑HSUN LU: Yeah, you know, because in Taiwan is difficult. Is not difficult, my name, to pronounce. But the English teacher, they want us to get American style, have the English name, to go into the English class feeling. So that's why they ask us to pick out the name from English.

So that's why I pick. But I don't know the meaning, actually (smiling).

Q. Do you want to know?

YEN‑HSUN LU: No. Better not, yeah (smiling).

Q. How long have you been working with Mark Woodforde and how much has he helped your game?

YEN‑HSUN LU: I mean, had very good experience with him last year. I mean, last year I have really bad virus with me for one‑and‑a‑half months, and also my immune system, even after I recover, I still really not in the good shape.

So when I work with him, my body's not really ready for it. But he give me a lot, you know, come to the net, and also some strategy, slice, approach. I mean, also he tell me some experience what he done before, when you play in a match, what you think. So is really help for when I work with him for two months, yeah.

Q. What was his advice? Did you speak to him today?

YEN‑HSUN LU: Actually, I meet him, like we went to the practice court, he is also practicing for this week. I was just say hi. He tell me, Well done. But we didn't really spoke about the tournament match.

Q. Did your father teach you to play tennis? Was he involved in tennis?

YEN‑HSUN LU: He start to learn together. We learn tennis together. When I was going to high school, also he spending a lot of time, too. He's not real coach, but he spend a lot of time to drive me to the coach, to the tennis coach, to the school. He's take care everything.

And also when I was ‑‑ before he was always planning which direction I should go, I should go to school or keep going professional. In the moment, he pass away.

So I'm just upset that I done, and he didn't with me. That's why I'm just very sad about this. But today I think he's here and he also very happy for me, yeah.

Q. When you beat Andy Murray at the Beijing Olympics, he said later that he was jetlagged and did not prepare properly. Does that make this win the best of your career?

YEN‑HSUN LU: I think every win is different in my career. I mean, of course, Andy's ‑‑ they're both Andy. Andy Murray's good players. But probably he has some problem. I knew I play good tennis against him, and I beat him.

I cannot tell you next time I play him, I have to win, I have to beat him, because he's very good players. I just find the chance to beat him.

And today the match, also in the match, I tell my coach, I say, I don't care about if win or lose, but I just want to fight in the end. Then things happened.

Q. How difficult is it to play tennis in Taipei? Did you have economic support only from the family?

YEN‑HSUN LU: The beginning, family supporting. After, when I play till now, there's some sponsor to support us. But when I kid, family support.

Q. What was your family doing, your family business?

YEN‑HSUN LU: My father doing, he's selling the chicken, not the meat, but the live chicken. So they sell the chicken, send it to the farm or something. After, they kill and become the meat. So I can catch a chicken. I can show you. Yeah, serious. I can catch a chicken (smiling).

Q. Can you elaborate on that? Was this like a chicken farm where your dad worked? Did you work with him there?

YEN‑HSUN LU: I tried few times. But I don't really like because smell really bad. But I know is very tough work. They always working between 1:00 in the morning to 6:00 in the morning, like very early. That time the chicken cannot run away because they cannot see.

Q. They were wild?

YEN‑HSUN LU: Yeah. No, but still they can run. They just put in the box or something. You have to catch them into the box. If the people want some kind of chicken, you need to separate.

Q. Roddick talked about how your serve seemed a lot tougher for him today than when you've played him in the past. Is that a part of your game you've worked on specifically? How might you be a different player today?

YEN‑HSUN LU: I mean, I think these tournaments improve my serve, especially like in the tough situation I make more first serve in. And also doing good serve is also physical‑wise because, like before the tournaments, I hire Argentina condition coach.

We training really hard for three‑and‑a‑half weeks to prepare these tournaments. And also he used the new system, it is different training program, that make me for my leg a little bit stronger.

So I can jump higher, I can serve better. That I think is better than last few times I play him, yeah.

(Via Wimbledon website)

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