Jun 2, 2010

Does Roger Federer still have the drive to win?

I thought Roger Federer would easily beat Robin Soderling after the first set victory.

I was wrong.

It's like a deja vu all over again. Remember Rafael Nadal's fourth round lost last year to Soderling at Roland Garros? But honestly, the pain for Nadal and his fans were so much greater compared to Federer's lost last night.

So, the Swede sensation defeated Federer 3-6, 6-3, 7-5, 6-4 to reach the semifinals and end the Swiss maestro’s run of 23 consecutive semifinal appearances in Grand Slam tourneys.

Federer seems cool and even joked about it.

"They all come to an end at some stage. You hope they don't happen, but they do. It was a great run," Federer said.

"Now I've got the quarterfinal streak going, I guess."
LOL! Now seriously, for someone who used to set the bar high, do you think he would settle for less now? Are we ever going to see him in any Grand Slam final again or is he contented with the current 16 GS titles and a happy family of 4?

(Images via Yahoo! Sports)

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