Dec 8, 2009

Lindsay Davenport defends Tiger Woods' wife

Lindsay Davenport told Entertainment Tonight that the picture being painted on her friend Elin Nordegren (Tiger Woods' wife) by the media as an aggressive woman is COMPLETELY false.

Tiger and Elin in happier times
"Certainly she did not go after [Woods] physically and go after him with a golf club. That is not what happened," Davenport said.

"She's incredibly hurt by what has gone on, but she handles herself with class, and she's working it out as best she can."

"I don't think Elin particularly cares what people think about her... Although she is having a tough time, she's really trying to get through it for the kids."
Davenport has a home near Tiger's house in Orange County, California and described Elin as "very loving, very loyal" and "level-headed."

People who think that Elin is a man beater should go get a life.

If I know my husband is f***ing 11 other women (or more), I will get a knife, not a golf club.

Now, I wish Roger Federer has something to say about his friend Tiger :D


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