Nov 11, 2009

Maria Sharapova is officially dating LA Lakers' Sasha Vujacic

So, Maria Sharapova is officially done with Charlie Ebersol and now dating LA Lakers struggling backup guard Sasha Vujacic.

Speculation started after CNBC's Darren Rovell tweeted that "the two were seen cuddling up" during a U2 concert at the Rose Bowl.

Later Sharapova was spotted holding hands with her Serbian boyfriend (who was born in Slovenia), something which she has never done in public before. Huge PR boost for Vujacic!

Now that Sashapova has taken over the role from Klamar (Khloe Kardashian + LA Lakers Lamar Odom), most likely we'll see them often in gossip columns from now on.

(Image from Women's Tennis Blog via Forty Deuce)

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