Sep 26, 2009

Tweet moment at Robin Soderling's practice?

Together with my sis, we headed to the Putra Stadium to pick up press kit yesterday.

The security was very tight and the IMG staff, contractors and volunteers were as busy as bees getting ready for the biggest tennis tournament in this country.

I didn't expect to see any players at the centre court, so I wasn't prepared (not equipped with camera).

I managed to Tweet a bit before my phone battery went flat.
  • fuck. Low batt. Didn't expect to watch practice.
  • Magnus hitting with Soderling.. I think Magnus is better looking on tv
  • - Here's Magnus Norman warming up
  • i don't know why i'm feeling guilty watching Soderling practice for almost an hour
  • @tennislust @RD_Tennistalk I hate to admit this but I think I'll forgive @RSoderling for beating Rafa at FO
  • @RD_Tennistalk it was his smile and 'hi'... he gave me a good impression I almost forgot he's the evil one

If you're interested to follow my experience at the Malaysian Open, you can follow my tweet at

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