Sep 2, 2009

TENNIS WATCH: NIKE or ADIDAS, FILA's headband not allowed

No other player can make bigger statement with her tennis dress than Maria Sharapova.

The Russian beauty is simply stunning in her NIKE black dress with silver straps and a matching silver headband.

Meanwhile, Caroline Wozniacki who debut her Stella McCartney's Adidas dress was far from impressive.

I'm a fan of Wozniacki but to be honest, that dress would have suited Maria Kirilenko better.


Something bizzare happened to James Blake when an umpire wipe an advertising logo off his headband before his first round match at the US Open.
"I didn't know the rule," said Blake, who played without the FILA logo on the headband

"I didn't know you couldn't have any writing on the headband or wristband. With the new logo, new design, there's always the logo. I didn't know we couldn't do that."

"I don't know why the ATP does some of the things it does, or if it is just the (International Tennis Federation)," Blake said.

"A quarter-inch here, a quarter-inch there, they make all these rules. That's for them to deal with, the sponsors and everything. It's not my place to say."
(Via AFP; Images via Yahoo! Sports)

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