Aug 21, 2009

CONTEST: Malaysian Open goodies giveaway coming soon!

Did you guys remember I take home some goodies at the Malaysian Open media briefings?

I've decided to share it with you guys. These are the things that I'm going to giveaway:

Australian Open "mini tennis ball" keychain x 1
Malaysian Open notebook x 1
Official Guide To Pro Tennis x 1
and more...

Nah, not the huge Malaysian Open tennis ball as I've given it away to a friend.

Esther has "unofficially" won 2 Gold tickets to the final at the Malaysian Open because she was quicker than me in posting the correct answer on the Malaysian Open Facebook page. Or else I could giveaway the tickets here.

Instead I'm going to offer the Australian Open keychain to you guys, although I loved it so much...

So, do come back for this contest as I'll be posting the details this Sunday night.

P.S. This contest is open to all countries in the Asia Pacific only. Sorry to friends in other continents. I'll organise a different contest to you guys next time.

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