Aug 6, 2009

2009 Malaysian Open media briefing: Wilson, Twitter & Tomas Berdych

As usual, I was punctual to the Malaysian Open media briefing.

I greeted the Event Director and the Media Director before took a seat at the Business Conference Room.

I could see four huge buntings of Roger Federer, Kei Nishikori, Serena Williams and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga standing proud in the room.

As you know, we won't be having Tsonga, Williams and Federer here but we do have Japanese teenage sensation Nishikori who is one of the star player to appear in the Malaysian Open next month.

The media briefing kicked off with a quiz and the prize was an autographed photo of Pete Sampras and Roger Federer. I didn't even try to answer (you know why!), so someone else won it.

Then Tournament Director, Nick Freyer took time to explain about the hawk-eye system which is first used in this region.

Actually throughout that evening, I was busy twittering some of the information I gathered from the event.

  • At Mandarin Oriental. Media briefing will start in 15min.
  • - at the 2nd media briefing for Malaysian Open. They are going to announce Wilson as 1 of the official sponsor.
  • Someone won an autograph photo of pete and roger
  • - tourney director explaning the hawkeye system first used in this region
  • Marcos Baghdatis' agent requested for a wildcard to play at the malaysian open
  • Tomas Berdych is the player announced today to play at the @KLopentennis

  • I've asked the tourney director abt the possibilities for Verdasco to play in dubs with Feli. Not sure yet but he doesn't deny
  • One of the Indian dubs specialist will play in the Malaysian Open
  • 5 candidates were shortlisted for interview for the 'best job'. That include @jitterbug70!
  • Ok i'm off now to get my goodies bag
  • - more pic frm media briefing.. Tomas Berdych the latest to play in the Malaysian Open
  • - Malaysian Open have ballgirls too? Tourney director, Ltam president and wilson boss pose with the models
Check out the official uniform sponsored by Wilson for the Malaysian Open.

LTAM President, Amer Sports (Wilson Malaysia) Country Manager, Tourney Director and the models need a giant racket each like the one Will Farrell used in an exho match back in May.

According to the Tournament Director, merchandises will only be available for sale in the second year. So probably you won't get to buy the tournament cap, balls, etc. this year.

Wilson gave away goodie bag to everyone who attended the media briefing.

Inside the Roger Federer-15th GS celebration-paperbag, there's a huge Malaysian Open tennis ball, an Australian Open key chain (this is what I've always wanted!), caps, socks, a K Factor t-shirt!

Well, that's it for now. I'll be back with more updated on the Malaysian Open soon.

For tickets information, go to:

(Photo credit: 3rd and 4th Images by IMG)

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