Jul 29, 2009

Rafael Nadal works from home; interview with TVE

Rafael Nadal showed us a bit of his beautiful, luxurious summer house in Porto Cristo.

In the interview with Spanish television station TVE, Rafael Nadal
who by the way looked really cheerful and relaxed, spoke to Lorenzo Mila and Rosana Romero about his days away from the tennis court, about his recovery, his return to the tennis circuit, etc.

According to Nadal, the reasons for his absence from Wimbledon were more physical than personal.
"My real problem is the knees," said Nadal.
So, that means the divorce rumour about his parents, could be untrue or doesn't affect him as much as his injury.

Nadal also added that the reason he had been playing without his customary knee strapping since Monte Carlo was because the pain had become too great -- not, as many assumed, because the injury had improved.

For those who don't understand Spanish like me, Nadal's website will provide a transcript with the highlights from the interview soon.

And speaking about Nadal's luxury home again, the world no. 2 has bought a house in a resort complex in the Dominican Republic.

The developers of the project, Bahia Principe Clubs and Resorts said Nadal purchased one of their residential properties in the Playa Nueva Romana development.

(Via Rafael Nadal official website,

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