Jun 2, 2009

Serena Williams thinks WTA is better & 'cattier'

"Clearly, women's tennis is better than men's tennis. There's no comparison. I mean, I'm on the tour. We have great personalities like Jelena (Jankovic) on the tour. I mean, it's way cattier, so it's way more exciting to watch."
~ Serena Williams defended women's tennis.

Earlier this week, Jankovic confessed that she paid more attention to men's tennis.
"To be honest, I'm watching only men's tennis on TV," Jankovic said earlier this week.

"I don't really watch too much women's."

"That's why many times when I play against them, you know, many times I don't know my opponent."

"I think men's tennis is much more advanced than women's, and if I can try to learn some things and try to add that to my game would be a good advantage."

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