Jun 18, 2009

Rafael Nadal confirms exhibition appearance

Rafael Nadal has confirmed that he will play the exhibition today at the Hurlingham Club with Lleyton Hewitt.
“It will be good to play tomorrow to get a better idea of how I feel on court, playing at a higher level than I would normally play during training.”
Nadal had another 3-hour training session at the Wimbledon Aorangi Park Club yesterday but never really reached the intense rhythm he would normally reach for a session as long as that.
“It was 3 hours, but I took it easy, I didn’t put any pressure,” said Nadal.
Still don't get enough of Nadal? Read this interesting article called "Ripped. (Or Torn Up?)" published in NY Times website.

And speaking of training session, here are some photos taken from Wimbledon Facebook.

If you haven't add Wimbledon as your friend, perhaps you should do it right after reading my blog.

(Via Rafael Nadal official website; Images via Wimbledon Facebook)

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