Jun 15, 2009

Nobody, I mean nobody should ever yell at Roger Federer!

Do I sound like a Fedtard? Hehe...

Now this is rather embarrassing because Roger Federer pointed out an unpleasant situation he had to deal with during his stay in Malaysia back in 2007.

This was mentioned in an extensive Q&A with Federer by Basel-based newspaper, Basler Zeitung.

Q: Are there still people who are impolite to Roger Federer? When was the last time someone yelled at you?

Federer: When I was playing exhibition match with Sampras in Asia, we were invited by the Prime Minister of Malaysia. The man who had arranged this told us it would take half an hour – after two hours it was time for us to go. The dinner was still being served, and I called the person in charge, in order to complain about the fact that he had made us deal with this unpleasant situation. At that point I was very angry. He didn’t like it and he yelled back at me. This wasn’t good.

Thankfully Federer came back the following year for another round of exhibition match.

Now please head to Freakyfrite's blog to read the rest of the interview.

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