Jun 2, 2009

Juan Martin del Potro: Getting to know the future no.1

Many people thought it's too much for me to label Juan Martin del Potro as the future world no.1.

But why not?

Perhaps del Potro is the most underrated world no.5 player in the world.

There are so much quietness, calmness and most importantly consistency in this 20-year-old Argentine which I don't see in other players, not even Andy Murray.

So when posted a Q&A on him, I just want to repost it back here.

I think we should get to know more about del Potro, whom I thought look like Star Trek/Heroes star Zachary Quinto.

So here you go:

What’s your favourite website?

Which part of your game would you like to improve?
I’d love to have Federer’s attacking game.

What’s the last thing you do before going to sleep?
I turn off my mobile phones.

What puts you in a bad mood in the morning?
Being woken up by people shouting.

What’s your favourite thing for breakfast?
Pastries, toast with jam and Nesquik.

Who’s your favourite comedy actor?
Jim Carrey and Guillermo Francella (an Argentinean comedian).

What would be a luxury for you?
Living in Tandil, surrounded by my friends and family.

What do you have on your iPod?
Maná, Shakira, U2 and Coldplay.

What’s your song favourite song right now?
“Mando una señal" by Maná.

Who’s your ideal mixed doubles partner?
Gabriela Sabatini.

What’s the worst thing that could happen to you before a match?
I can’t stand it when people touch my rackets.

Who was your first love?
My best female friend, when I was 16.

When did you last crack up laughing?
Yesterday, with my fitness coach.

When did you last get angry?
When River Plate equalised against Boca Juniors, in the last derby.

What’s your favourite film?
I really like series, such as Prison Break.

Which actor would you choose to play you on screen?
Brad Pitt.

Who’s the nicest guy on tour?

And the nastiest?
I can’t answer that – they’d kill me [laughs]!

What’s the best concert you’ve seen?
Maná and Madonna.

Who’s your sporting idol?
Michael Jordan.

What’s your favourite sport outside tennis?

What’s your least favourite training exercise?

Could someone please tell del Potro the existence of Gmail?

And by the way, here's a bonus picture of del Potro (via Forty Deuce). Now don't tell me you don't find him cute.


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