Jun 4, 2009

I would love him to win but...

Who will play in the French Open final?

I'm kind of bored (not sick yet though) with all these talks about Roger Federer achieving a career Grand Slam, tying Pete Sampras all-time record of 14 major titles and being the people's choice.

"I feel it since a few years now, to be honest with you," Federer said.

"But this year even more extreme."

"When I walk on the streets or drive in the transportation or I go for dinner, everybody is like, 'This is your year. You've got to do it.' They're screaming from their scooters and out of the car. They even get out at the red lights and want me to sign an autograph or take a picture."

"It's quite incredible this last couple of weeks.
Alright maybe I'm saying that because I'm a Rafatard.

Or maybe I just want people to stop talking about it.

We all know very well that Federer has his best ever chance of winning the French Open, the only Grand Slam which is missing from his resume.

Hopefully Juan Martin del Potro will surprise us tomorrow, or at least put up a good fight against his idol.

In another semifinal, Fernando Gonzalez will face off with Robin Soderling,

I'm glad that Gonzalez is confident about his chance in the final.
He said, "This is a big moment in my career and I want to make the most of it. I want to think I'm a favourite because I feel fit to win my next match, and that is what I want to focus on."
(Image via BBC Sport/Getty Images)

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