Jun 12, 2009

Damir Dokic goes to jail; Is this the beginning of the end of the broken family?

Speaking about bomb threat, Jelena Dokic's father, Damir who threatened to blow up the Australian embassy in Serbia back in May has been sentenced to over a year in prison.

Dokic was given 10 months in prison for phone threats made against the ambassador and seven months for illegal possession of weapons.

He is expected to serve a total sentence of 15 months.

Dokic threatened the ambassdor last month after an interview with Dokic's estranged daughter Jelena appeared in an Australian publication, in which Jelena confirmed that her father had beaten her while serving as her coach on tour.

The Serbian newspaper Vecernje Novosti reports that Jelena may be flying to Serbia to see her father.

This is a sad ending but it could be a new beginning for the Dokic family.


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