Jun 16, 2009

Be calm... Rafael Nadal could play at Wimbledon warm-up event

First thing first, the headline/statement "Be Calm, I'm Going To Win" on this gorgeous looking cover of the Observer Magazine refers to the featured article written by Elizabeth Kaye (in case some people jump into conclusion and think Nadal is arrogant).
... (Staying calm is) a lesson that sustained (Rafael Nadal) when he was the world's number two for an unprecedented three years, waiting for an opening to become number one. Last year, as he neared that opportunity, rain halted the decisive fifth set of his Wimbledon final with Roger Federer. For the next hour Nadal was sequestered in the locker room with his coach and his trainer. "Be calm," he told them. "I am going to win."...
Yes, Nadal won last year.

However, things aren't look so great for him in this year's Wimbledon campaign especially after losing in the fourth round at the French Open to Sweden's Robin Soderling.

When Nadal decided to pull out of Queen's Club last week with tendinitis in both knees, some believe that he's not going to be able to defend his Wimbledon title this year... perhaps he's not even going to show up!

So after so many hoo-has, now Nadal was saying that he would consider to play at the Hurlingham Club on June 19 which he could take on Swiss' Stanislas Wawrinka if he’s healthy.

Nadal has played at Hurlingham in 2006 and 2007.
“It would be a good test for me to play there on Friday to see how the knee is doing and it would provide the perfect setting to get some practice before Wimbledon,” the 23-year-old said in a statement on his website.

“If I feel the recuperation is going well I will be more than happy to be there again. I hope that’s the case."
Let's see what's going to happen in the next few days. I don't want to speculate too soon.


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