Apr 16, 2009

Li Na wouldn't choose tennis if given a choice

"If I had an opportunity to choose what I wanted to do in childhood, I wouldn't go for tennis. It is a sport that I was always pushed to do, first by my parents, then provincial and national sports administrators. It is very important for us to have the right to choose. I really mean it."
~ Li Na

Er... okay... but you see many parents, schools and governments made choices for kids.

And would she be a pro tennis player today if it's weren't her parents or the government? I hope she knows what she's talking about and the impact of that statement.

But again I must applaud her outspokenness which resulted in a major overhaul of China's notoriously strict sports administration.

Along with Zheng Jie, Yan Zi and Peng Shuai, the girls were the first to be allowed to leave the state-supported system at the end of last year.

The quartet now have more control over their own careers and can keep a larger proportion of prize money.

(Via The Press Association)

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