Apr 27, 2009

David Nalbandian's hips don't lie

David Nalbandian may need to go under the knife to treat his injured right hip, which according to his new coach Luis Lobo said has been a issue for the past 8 months!

Earlier last week, he withdrew from the Barcelona Open, complaining of hip pain.

His physician in Europe, Angel Cotorro, told the Argentine newspaper Clarin that Nalbandian would receive three or four days of treatment including physical therapy and medication before a decision is made on surgery.

However, questions has been raised in tennis forum as to why this injury has never been been reported or discussed before.

If Nalbandian has been suffering from the hip injury like 8 months ago, when exactly was that and during which tournament?

Now he could miss Argentina’s Davis Cup quarterfinal against the Czech Republic scheduled this July.

Hopefully he'll spend lots of time in rehabilitation and recover in time for the season ending hard court tournaments.

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