Mar 16, 2009

Philippines wants Davis Cup tie transfer; Pakistan refuses

There's no fairplay in sports when politics come into play.

With the recent terrorist attack on a cricket team in Lahore, Pakistan, it is only wise to heed the appeal by Philippines’ tennis authorities to move the Davis Cup July regional playoff against Pakistan from Lahore to Manila.

Philippine Lawn Tennis Association vice president Randy Villanueva cited the March 3 attack on Sri Lanka’s cricketers in Lahore, which killed six police officers and a driver and injured several players, as evidence of the risk for sports team visiting Pakistan.
“We asked them to be moved here to the Philippines because of the safety of our players and because of recent events in Pakistan, especially the cricket team of Sri Lanka getting attacked,” Villanueva said.
Three of the five Filipino players, including Cecil Mamiit, are dual U.S.-Philippines citizens who Villanueva feared may be targeted because of their American passports.

Guess what, Pakistan Tennis Federation president Dilawar Abbas think otherwise by saying that any attempt to shift the tie would be refused!

(Via AP)

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