Feb 20, 2009

Zheng Jie on CNN TalkAsia

After Jelena Jankovic was featured on CNN's TalkAsia earlier this month, it was Zheng Jie's turn last week.

I missed this show on TV but managed to watch this one on website.

I couldn't embed the videos from CNN here again. So I have to do the alternative way, that is to upload the video files on youtube.

This interview is a bit boring, mainly shows Zheng Jie on practice court and at the gym.

Perhaps the only highlight in this interview (besides the interview itself) is Zheng Jie's and her hubby's flirtatious gestures in the gym, on the floor in part 2 :P

Part 1: Beating the Best

Part 2: Practice Makes Perfect

Part 3: Serving Up

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