Feb 2, 2009

Rafael Nadal reveals what drives him, calls for fewer hard courts

Finally Rafael Nadal is at rest in Melbourne posing with the Norman Brookes Challenge Cup following his victory at the men's singles at the Australian Open 2009.
When asked why does he need to fight that much with a racket in hand, Nadal said, "I love the competition, not only in tennis."

"I love the competition in all aspects of life. When I compete, I love to be there and fight for the win."

"Maybe," he said, after a pause, "I like more fighting to win than win."
Rafael Nadal also called on tennis officials to be mindful of the physical toll the hard surface takes on players in an ever expanding schedule.
“This calendar I am playing with this surface—hard court surface—is tougher than grass or clay for the body, and all the time we are playing more on this surface,” said Nadal.

“In my humble opinion, we have to change that a bit more."

“I can say that because I won a grand slam on hard (courts).”
Nadal, 22, has previously won four Grand Slams on the French Open clay courts, as well as Wimbledon on grass last year.
“Before if I say that, a lot of people think `He wants to change because he’s a clay player.' But believe me, I don’t think anything about if I am a clay court player or not.

“When I say this, I think about the best for the players and for the future. It’s not possible to have a lot of injuries on tour like this. So we have to try to change something.”

(Images by William West/AFP/Getty Images via Yahoo! Sports)

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