Jan 19, 2009

Rafael Nadal says 'G-Day mate' to Aussie fans

Rafael Nadal reached out to his fans here by launching a blog at the Australian Open, taking questions on everything from what motivates him to whether he has sex during a tournament.
Hi everyone, or should I say "g'day mate"? I have been told that this is the way Australians say "hello", so I wanted to also say it like this.

This is my first blog in Australia and I am very thankful to this newspaper to have given me this opportunity.

I have done a few blogs at other places like Paris, London and New York, but this is my first one in Melbourne.

I am not going to lie to you, this is not easy for me since I am not a writer.

Not even close. But I know I have a lot of fans here and when I was asked I was very happy to do it and I hope you forgive my mistakes - my bad English, my non-professional way of writing.

I also hope that the media doesn't get upset with me for doing this. Why should they? I only say things that they would never write about! Right? :-)

I am back here in Melbourne and I have to say that I love being here.

You know, coming from the cold weather to this beautiful summer, with all these nice people around and also to play the first big event of the season, is something that makes me happy.

Those following me know that I love the competition. And the real competition starts here.

I have to say that I am excited.

I hope we will have a lot of time these weeks to talk about many things. Hopefully I'll be around for a few days.

After my fifth or sixth blog I start thinking what am I going to write about - but I am also answering your questions, so come on and send me easy ones.

Many thanks and ... 'Good on you mate' (that's another one I know :-)

To check out the Q&A between Rafa and fans, click here.

(Via AFP,; Image by Clive Brunskill)

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