Jan 24, 2009

Bernard Tomic to choose the US or London over Australia

Australia's teenage sensation Bernard Tomic announced that he will move abroad, either to the US or London, in the next three months, so he can continue developing his game as he begins his life as a professional tennis player.

After gaining a wildcard entry and making it to the Australian Open second round, Tomic believes he's ready to take on the men.
"Now that I'm becoming more of a name in Australia, I've got to take the opportunity to build my game and work hard and take it to the next level," Tomic said.

"My parents are looking at moving to either England or America in the next three or four months."

"Then I have to work on my game and get a lot more opportunities."

"I can't stay on the Gold Coast forever."

"There's a lot of expectations now and I've got to find the right place where I can stay and have a home base."
Tomic said he would next head to Burnie in Tasmania, for a challenger event, and would then try to pick up a wildcard in Miami.

He said it was unrealistic to expect a huge rankings climb.
"To be honest with you, I don't think I can make top 100 this year," he said.

"I think I could get in the top 300 and that's a good goal."

"If I crack the 300 then I can play grand slam qualifying straight away and I'll never need wildcards and that's where I can build myself up."

"The next year is going to be good for me to build up, play more futures and challengers, because I've seen I can match it with these guys."

"It's just a matter of me getting stronger and playing in those big tournaments."
Today, Tomic who have just signed a two-year deal with Garnier, made a special appearance as their brand ambassador during the Australian Open week.

He might be only 16 years old but this guy qualifies to show you why chicks dig guys who take care of their beauty and health.

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