Dec 1, 2008

Andy Murray drives without a license; grannies's favourite

Recently, Andy Murray clocked up close to 300 laps of the Go-Kart track in Surbiton before heading off to his winter training camp in Miami.

While everyone was fully insured (and are licensed drivers), Andy who doesn't have a driving license still managed to scoop most of the trophies along with Ace Group's Pat Cunningham.

The 21 year-old Scot also talked about being popular among the grannies.
"I get a lot of fan mail and a lot of it is from older people, from 65- or 70-year-olds."

"It's a mixture, but it's surprising that I get so many from grannies and grandpas. They say, 'It's been great to watch you'. It's just very supportive about everything I've done."
(Via Andy Murray's official website,

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