Nov 19, 2008

Federermania hits Malaysia!

Tennis is Malaysia's new favourite sport.

For a country like Malaysia who prefers badminton and football, it's amazing to see fans queuing up for almost 4 hours just to catch a glimpse of Roger Federer and get his autograph.

When Esther and I arrived at the KLCC foyer, we met up with some fans from Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and also from Japan!

As a Rafatard, I must say that Roger is still a King here in Asia, and ASEAN to be specific.

I'm exhausted after covering the event for 2 days, I said to myself, I'm glad I'm just a tennis blogger, not a reporter or photographer.

I'm really happy to meet so many tennis enthusiasts from so many places.

Sorry for those whom I can't return call or couldn't meet up. I've tried to return as much calls as I can but at certain situation, I wasn't convenient to do that.

I hope you guys enjoy the event. Do write to me on how you felt.

Now I believe the WTA Tier II event could be a reality next year.

I'll come back to you guys soon on photos and videos of the activities took place yesterday: James Blake tennis clinic, Roger's meet-the-fans/autograph-signing session, Mirka, at the exhibition match and post match press conference.

I've just called Esther, who's at the Mandarin Oriental now. She said she managed to meet the players and take photos and autographs!

The players will be heading to the Subang airport at 10 a.m. on private jet to Macau for another exho.

(Images via Yahoo! Sport)

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