Sep 17, 2008

Rendy Lu Yen-Hsun, the coverboy in "Next Man Magazine"

Thanks, Esther for this tips.

Rendy Lu Yen-Hsun (盧彥勳) is best remembered for beating Andy Murray in the first round at the Beijing Olympics 2008.

Right after the Olympics, Rendy accepted an interview and photo shooting from the Next Man Magazine.

Rendy resembles Rain in this cover, isn't he?

Titled '無名英雄 Rendy' (which supposed to mean 'Rendy the Unknown Warrior'), this lifestyle magazine which features Rendy on the cover will be available from September 18 onwards.

In the magazine, Rendy talks about his experience at the Beijing Olympics and various aspects of his life.

Hopefully I'll be able to grab two copies (one for you, Esther!) here in KL.

By the way, here's the article in Chinese from his website.
不一樣的盧彥勳,將出現在9月18日382期的「壹週刊」 2008/9/16 下午 03:09:21 盧彥勳北京奧運結束後,接受「壹週刊」的專訪。「壹週刊」除了幫盧彥勳拍攝網球揮拍動作外,還特地幫盧彥勳拍了幾套時裝的照片,都會出現在9月18日382期的壹週?。盧彥勳會出現在該期「壹週刊」的封面。訪問內容也包含盧彥勳奧運的心路歷程,各位喜歡盧彥勳的朋友,想要多瞭解盧彥勳的朋友,想要看看不同面貌盧彥勳的朋友,可以鎖定這星期發行(382 期)的「壹週刊」

(Via Rendy's website)

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