Sep 15, 2008

Rafael Nadal's embarrassing moment in award ceremony

World no. 1 Rafael Nadal recently suffered an embarrassing incident in a ceremony that pays tribute to Spanish athletes who managed to win medals in the Beijing Olympic Games 2008.

Watch this video for what happened.

Apparently Nadal is trying to pick up his cellphone which fell on the floor. Somehow when he picked it up, his pants cracked!

So he couldn't applaud and he finally had to cover his butt with his jacket tied up around as a belt to hide it!

If you look closer to the pictures, Nadal is drenched in sweat! The reporters laughed and said that Nadal sweated even more than during a tennis match.

Even in an embarrassing situation like that Nadal still took photos with fans and laughed about it.

(Via La Tercera, Great Tennis Photos, Rafa fan group in Facebook)
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