Sep 4, 2008

Quote of the Day: Andy Roddick on Novak Djokovic 'multiple injuries'

“I’ve got to feel good. He’s got about 16 injuries right now.”
~ Andy Roddick on Novak Djokovic whom he will meet in the quarterfinal at the U.S. Open.

Djokovic needed five sets to win his fourth-round match against No. 15 Tommy Robredo and is said to have to deal with stomach, hip, ankle and breathing problems.

Roddick jokingly tossed out a few possible additions to Djokovic’s long list of ailments—“bird flu, Anthrax, SARS”—he was asked whether he believed the Serbian was exaggerating his problems.
“Either he’s quick to call the trainer or one of the most courageous guys of all time,” Roddick said.
Let's see what kind of drama Djokovic will put in the quarterfinal match. Perhaps retire from the match?

(Images via Yahoo! Sports)

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