Aug 15, 2008

What do Josiah Ng and Maria Sharapova have in common?

Maria Sharapova is still in Arizona rehabilitating due to her shoulder injury which deter her from participating in the Beijing Olympics 2008 and most probably the US Open as well.

While away from tennis tournaments, she will never forget to keep her fans updated with the news and photos.

So this is what "rehabilitation" means. Seems like she's having a good time taking pictures with her "Powershot camera".

Sharapova's obsession of taking pictures (especially with these kind of poses) reminds me of our own Malaysian cyclist, Josiah Ng. You can check out his blog or his fianceé's blog and you'll know what I mean.

Josiah and Rizal, Malaysian cyclists at Beijing Olympics.

By the way, Josiah mentioned in his Facebook that he had a chance to chat with James Blake during lunch at the Olympic Village.

(Images via, josiah's blog)

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