Aug 29, 2008

US Open: What the tennis players' faces tell you?

Kinda busy with stuff yesterday and not able to blog much about the U.S. Open.

However I'm looking forward to this weekend (and I'm having a holiday on Monday 'cause it's my country's Independence Day). Hope to catch up with more matches and blogging too.

In the meanwhile I've found some interesting photos which I would like to share here.

Andy Roddick, the 'big brother' of the United States, received a big boost at the opening round by beating the Magician, Fabrice Santoro 6-2, 6-2, 6-2.

Most of the time, you look at the player's face and you are able to tell who's winnin
g and who's not. Take a look at this:

But you know what kind of look that really scares their opponent? I would say this look:

Perhaps Andy Murray will make it to the final and take his first Grand Slam?

(Images by AP Photo/Elise Amendola/DON EMMERT/AFP/Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

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