Aug 6, 2008

Updates: Roger Federer at Beijing Olympics 2008

The media and fans are going frenzy in Beijing with so many Olympic starlets arriving at the airport and the Olympic Village.

And one of the biggest star that we don't want to miss is Roger Federer.
Federer's performance might be going downhill lately, but I still believe he has a great chance to clinch a gold medal here. It's definitely not retirement yet for this talented player.

Here are some pictures of Federer arriving at his hotel (he's not staying at the Ol
ympic Village), going around the village along with girlfriend Mirka and at training session. For more photos, click here.

Instead of staying at the Olympic Village, Federer prefers to make his own arrangements and his decision has been backed by the Swiss delegation.
"It was quite difficult in Athens," said Federer of his experience of the 2004 Games.

"Taking the bus and not being in control of my own schedule, and many people recognising me in the village. It was not as enjoyable as Sydney, which I loved."
Ironically, at the Swiss apartments here, the only poster displayed of a squad member is one of Federer.

"He is sure to draw a lot of attention," said Swiss delegation chief Werner Augsburger.

"It's not because Federer doesn't like living in the Olympic village. It's because he has his own habits and prefers to live by himself."
On the other hand, Federer's great rival Rafael Nadal has no such fears about his privacy and is happy to stay with the rest of the Spanish team.
"It's very different from the regular tournaments on the tour. You are in the Olympic Village, so it's always very nice to be with the rest of the sportsmen of the world," said Nadal who is making his Olympics debut.
Britain's Andy Murray, who won a maiden tennis Masters title in Cincinatti last weekend, admitted he can't understand Federer's decision.
"Quite a few of the tennis players are staying in hotels, but I don't understand why they're doing that," said the Scot. "Having made the decision to play in the Olympics, I wouldn't want to be staying anywhere other than in the athletes' village. It will be a great experience to be around the best athletes in the world and to speak to some of them."
Federer's reluctance to commit to the village is shared by the big names of the NBA.

(Part of the text via Yahoo Tennis News; Images via Zimbio Pilot and BEHROUZ MEHRI/AFP/Getty Images)

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