Aug 19, 2008

Rafael 'Beefcake' Nadal is sizzling hot in New York magazine

It's all about being in the right place and at the right timing, isn't it? But it's no pure luck for Rafael Nadal.

After winning the Olympic gold medal and top the ATP ranking as the new world no. 1, Nadal, the 'hottest' man at the moment, is featured in the new Fall Fashion 2008 issue of the New York magazine, in an article called "The Beefcake in the Backcourt" this week. Let me tell you the photos are sizzling hot! For the slideshow, click here or the picture.

Here are the excerpts from the article:
Take your time. It’s okay. That photo of Rafael Nadal on the back cover of this magazine is undeniably … what’s a polite way to put it? Arresting. The mussed locks curled just so above the shoulders. The biceps curved like a particularly ripe aubergine. The shadows playing across the deeply grooved abs. All demand extended scrutiny.
When you’re done, ask yourself this: Would Roger Federer ever pose for a photo like that?
Nah, don't think Federer will ever do this kind of photoshoot. Unless he buffed up a bit and shave, no?

Back to Nadal, I wouldn't mind if his sexy photo is on the front cover replacing Christie Brinkley.
And now here’s Nadal. His has been called a “pirate” look, but the interesting thing about Nadal’s style is that it’s so feminine—a thinner, less physical player could not pull off those clothes. Maybe that’s why he’s been greeted with the kind of moral outrage—“Abominable!” “Infernal!”—usually reserved for the latest female player to show too much skin. Debate over the pants in particular, and Nadal’s habit of reaching back to loosen them between points, has trespassed on the familiar terrain of comfort versus sex appeal. Are they too tight? Is it one of his many elaborate on-court rituals (Nadal’s own explanation)? Or are his butt muscles just too big?
What??? Nadal's style is feminine??? Haha, alright I get what you mean. Perhaps we can take Carlos Moya for example. He usually wear the same gear as Nadal but doesn't look as good as his fellow Spaniard.

Are you trying to say Nadal pick his butt? You know what, I was looking forward to see Nadal pick his butt when he was in an exho match here in Malaysian end of last year. By the way, it's one of his 'ritual' or 'trademark' when playing important match, a habit that let him channel his anxiety or pressure, which works. Whether his pants is tight or not, go ask Nike.
Men’s tennis has always been a modest, gentlemanly affair, its sex appeal limited to handsome faces and wolf-whistles during between-game shirt changes. Not so with Nadal. Not only is he more muscular than any player before him, he’s also more willing to be ogled. Which brings us back to those photos.
Come on, tennis is no longer limited as a gentlemen's sport. Tennis is also about getting down and dirty (imagine the sweat and the clay), make tonnes of money and not afraid to show off great body (minus the hair).

In the next post, we'll see what the other former world no.1 have to say about Nadal.

(Via New York Magazine)

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