Aug 30, 2008

Novak Djokovic denies dating Leryn Franco

Everyone is talking about Novak Djokovic so-called new love interest, Leryn Franco. And we're hoping to see her photos at the U.S. Open. Did she really attend the Grand Slam?

But guys, there are no such photos surface in tennis forums or websites. So, I'm would say that it's just all rumours. Perhaps there's something on between them at the Beijing's Olympic Village but that's it.

Djokovic himself brushed aside the romance rumours. Djokovic who has just defeated US qualifier Robert Kendrick 7-6 (10-8), 6-4, 6-4 will be booking a date with Croatian Marin Cilic in the third round. And the Serbian star says that's the only sort of date on his mind.
“I've heard this has been the main subject in the papers and they even showed it on the TV two days ago when I played my first match,'' Djokovic said.
“I'm denying this and I'm saying we don't have a romance like people call it already. I even heard she's here so it's kind of strange because I would be the first to know probably."

“The papers are trying to make another scandal of it. Another romance. This is part of my life and I have to accept it like this. “We know each other. That's true. We met and then she came to watch my matches. But there is nothing more than friendship.''
Despite the internet gossis Djokovic tries to ignore such things to focus on his tennis.
“You try not to pay too much attention because media can make you a star and bring you down in a day,'' Djokovic. “I accept it's part of my life. I have to be careful what I say and get used to it.''
Well said, Djokovic. I believe at this moment he is more interested to win another Grand Slam than a trophy girldfriend.

(Via Fox Sports, Image by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

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