Aug 26, 2008

The Business of Tennis: Forbes Special Report

Check out the latest special report by the guys at in conjunction with the U.S. Open.

One of the articles named the 10 top-paid tennis stars in the world. Roger Federer is still no.1, at least on their top earning tennis players list.

Top Paid Tennis Stars:
1. Roger Federer
2. Maria Sharapova
3. Rafael Nadal
4. Andy Roddick
5. Venus Williams
6. Serena Williams
7. Justine Henin
8. Novak Djokovic
9. Ana Ivanovic
10. James Blake

Check out other interesting articles featured in this special report:

I Was A Teenage Champion
Tracy Austin
The life of a tennis phenom is never simple.

Embrace Pressure
Michael Chang
The ability to perform under pressure separates the best tennis players from the rest.

The Rough Business Of Coaching
Brad Gilbert
It's a tough road with no safety net, but I wouldn't change it for the world.

Why Is Tennis Writing So Bad?
Bruce Schoenfeld
For a sport that attracts its share of literary luminaries, the vast majority of tennis prose is sadly insipid.

Secret Life of A Tennis Pro
Vince Spadea and Dan Markowitz
A journeyman player survives on the professional circuit.

Make Some Noise

Tom Van Riper
It's time for tennis to stop shushing the fans.

Building A Tennis Career From The Bottom Up
Jeff Pyatt
Making a career when the prize money is just enough to get by.

Economics of the US Open
Peter Hoy
Running the numbers on the nation’s biggest tennis event.

US Open By The Numbers

How To Become A Chair Umpire

Eric Arnold
Think you have what it takes to make the calls at a US Open match? It's tougher than it looks.

No More Tennis Elbow
Matt Woolsey
A new treatment could heal damaged tendons and muscles without the need for surgery.

Can Videogames Help Your Tennis Game?

Mary Jane Irwin
For beginners, yes. But don't expect to become Roger Federer.

In Pictures: Virtual Tennis Through The Ages

Map: Top Tennis Players By Country, 1978-2008
Peter Hoy
The distribution of top players has changed significantly over 30 years.

Video: Martina Navratilova
The tennis legend shares some of her top career moments.

Video: Federer vs. Nadal
Is an epic rivalry between tennis' two greatest players enough to draw U.S. viewers?

Video: Business On The Court CEO ranks nationally in men's singles tennis.

Forbes Autos: Cars of Tennis Stars
Tamara Warren
Buying cool cars isn't the problem for top tennis pros, it's finding the time to drive them.

Forbes Traveler: Top Luxury Tennis Resorts
Jennifer Rosini
Hitting the courts in high style.


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