Jul 6, 2008

Roger Federer vs Rafael Nadal: Rivals Reunion

Once again, we will see the two top seeds meet in the final again. Let me tell you, I've never get bored watching both players play against each other, every time. And tonight's match is extremely an important one.

Another Wimbledon trophy in waiting, no?

As a Rafael Nadal's fan, I've heard and read quite enough about people having doubt in Nadal's ability in beating the world no. 1, Roger Federer, particularly on lawn. Yes, Federer is still the best player on this surface, but you have got to see how much Nadal has improved on gr
ass court this year. Better slice, better backhand and better control on the court. And mentally, he is still the man with the mind of steel!

Bjorn Borg seems uncomfortable with Federer and Nadal breaking his records.

It's funny to read that tennis legend Bjorn Borg changes his mind about who's going to win at the championships, veering towards Federer instead of Nadal.

After the French Open when Nadal thrashed Federer in the final for the loss of only four games, Borg, the last man to win both tournaments in the same year, said he thought Nadal would win Wimbledon for the first time.

Not many tennis legends see what Nadal is seeing.

But after watching both men play “unbelievable tennis” to reach the semi-finals he told reporters: “Roger is playing perfect tennis.
“Before the tournament I picked Nadal just to pick someone else… Nadal has improved his game a lot since last year but if Roger is playing the way he has until the semi-finals it’s going to be tough to beat Roger,” Borg said.
After winning the claycourt French Open, the Spaniard quickly adjusted to the slick surface by capturing the Queen’s Club title a week later.
“Nadal looked like he had been practising on grass for a month… for me it was impossible to get used to the grass that quickly,” Borg said.
In Paris, Borg said Federer had a bad match. “But this is his home field.”

Well, whatever, Borg. We'll see if you make another wrong prediction, again. Same goes to Vijay Amritraj who seems not very good in making 'precise' prediction.

(Image by AFP/Carl de Souza/AP Photo/Kevin Lamarque/Alastair Grant)

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