Jul 17, 2008

Ashley Harkleroad's Playboy spread revealed

A couple of months ago, Ashley Harkleroad created a huge sensation in the tennis world not because of her accomplishment on the tennis court, but because of her announcement to be the latest athlete to pose for Playboy.

So there you go a sneak peek at Ashley Harkleroad's much-talked about August Playboy spread.

I haven't got much information about the article nor have the time to surf for it but here's what Downthelinetennis says:

The mag gets down to the nitty-gritty with the 23-year old baller discussing sex, locker room looks and Anna Kournikova. Some choice quotes:
“I do think athletes have better sex,” she asserts with a bashful giggle. “Who wants a waify girl with no definition to her body? I like that I have some power and that everything’s tight.”

“Tennis players don’t mind showing off their bodies,” she said. “Often in the locker room I feel other girls’ eyes on me.”

“Anna [Kournikova] is stunning to look at, but she’s probably a bit damaged from what she’s been through. That’s how she acts — a bit damaged.”
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