Jun 24, 2008

Who has bigger arms than Rafael Nadal?

Rafael Nadal is well known for his big biceps. But do you know which female player has bigger arms than him?

Eva Hrdinov has it and it's a bit scary. Well, it's not only because it looks awful but it reminds me about my very huge fat arms.

For the past week, I did not have time to blog due to adjusting my working life in the KL city, for the first time. All these while, it's always in PJ, in my comfort zone. So, now I have to wake up really early in the morning to beat the traffic and reach home late at night to avoid the traffic.

So, to kill time after work, I've decided it's best for me to go to gym and get rid of my fats. While getting my card for the free 10 trial sessions at Menara SPK yesterday, I saw Robb Chew of Nuffnang who is registering for the first time too. I said hi and he's very friendly too. This morning, I went for my first session of weight training and saw him again.

Now I'm very tired from the RPM class in the evening. So that's all folks, goodnight!

(Image by AP Photo/Alastair Grant)

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