Jun 7, 2008

Rafael Nadal vs Roger Federer: The rivalry continues

Okay, it's a Rafael Nadal vs Roger Federer final again for the third consecutive year at Roland Garros. They met in the 2005 semifinal with Nadal winning the match.

Nadal now owns a 10-6 career record against Federer, including 8-1 on clay, but he knows a difficult task lies ahead. (Nadal and Federer head-to-head statistics here)

Nadal said, "I'll always play against Federer is special, no? It's different atmosphere. It's different, no? The tactic, well, is always a little bit different. But anyway, try to play my game, no? I know for him I have to play my best level. If it's not like this I never going to win him, beat him. But I just going to try my best. That's the best tactic: play very well."

While Nadal is aiming for an historical fourth consecutive title at the French Open, Federer is attempting to become only the sixth player in the history of the sport to win all four Grand Slam titles in his career.

"So we'll see how it goes. I've been able to get off to good starts in the last few times I've played against Rafa, and I hope I can do the same again on Sunday. I feel I have the right tactics, I have the right game, and I have the fitness to beat him. I wanted to be in this position, I told you a long time ago. That is, Rafa again across the net. I think it's the ultimate test on clay. It would be so much better to win the French Open by beating him, as well. It looks good for Sunday, for me anyway, said Federer.

Well, my bet is on Nadal, of course.


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