Jun 24, 2008

Rafael Nadal secret girlfriend revealed

Bad news for all Rafael Nadal's female fans.

Actually this isn't new but finally Uncle Toni revealed that Nadal is dating Xisca, a stunning dark-haired girl he once went to school with.

Twenty-year-old Maria Francisca Perello, who comes from Nadal’s home town in Majorca, has been dating the player for three years (if some of you still haven't know).

But Xisca keeps away from the spotlight and rarely watches her boyfriend play, partly because she does not wish to distract him.

Uncle Toni said, "I guess a lot of girls will be upset to know the truth."
"My nephew always maintained he was single. It was a well-kept secret but actually his girlfriend is waiting for him in Majorca."
Described by friends as ‘an intelligent girl from a good local family’, Xisca is about to take her important exams in business at university in Majorca’s capital, Palma.

Her cousin Maria Perello Limones said, "She is a straightforward, no-nonsense girl not interested in glamour and fame."

"You won’t see her rolling out of a nightclub or laden down with designer bags after a shopping spree."

That is just as well, because despite his wealth and fame, Nadal is a simple hometown boy who likes relaxing on the beach, fishing and sharing long meals with his family.

He still lives with his parents and sister in their luxury apartment. Friend Pedro Hernadez explains, "Raf and Xisca are both very shy and ordinary people who like to live simply."
"They are not at all interested in a celebrity lifestyle. They get together when the tournaments are over. That’s how Raf winds down."
When back home in Manacor, an unfashionable industrial town in the heart of Majorca, Nadal and Xisca while away the days at the beach in nearby Porto Cristo. They also spend a lot of time with each other’s families and Xisca is very close to Nadal’s grandmother.

Earlier this year it was suggested that Nadal was infatuated with Danish tennis sensation Caroline Wozniacki, 18.
But the relationship has been denied by both Nadal and Wozniacki.

Indeed, his grandfather, also Rafael, confirmed, "I saw him and Xisca just before he flew to London and they looked great together."

(Story and images by Daily Mail)

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