Jun 11, 2008

From the grass court @ the Queen's Club

This is a brief and random post as I have tonnes of work to catch up. Will be starting a new job next week. Supposed I'm working on contract basis in this current company for 3 months but I end up being working here for a year now.

With the petrol hike and increase in cost of living, I think it's a perfect time for me to move on and out of my comfort zone a bit and strive for more money and perks in Kuala Lumpur. Believe it or not, this is my first time working out from Petaling Jaya.

Enough said about me, let's talk about tennis. You know, Wimbledon is just 2 weeks away. Nothing gets me more excited than Rafael Nadal on grass court. But with that weird looking white T-shirt? Eeewww... wouldn't you just want to rip it off?

Hey, I have a photo for you. Guess who is the player in this photo. No prize for today. Give you a clue, the girl in the next picture is his girlfriend.

Pretty, eh? That is model Brooklyn Decker. Yeps, she's Andy Roddick's fiancee. Besides the girlfriend, guess who is also watching (or should I say spying on) Andy Roddick?

Seems like Nadal has already started working for his first Wimbledon already. Perhaps Roddick is the best person to learn something from about grass surface. After all Roddick is the defending champion here at the Queen's Club and now bidding for a record of 5th Artois Championships.

(Images by IAN KINGTONIAN KINGTON/Julian Finney/AFP/Getty Images)

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