Jun 5, 2008

Andy Murray: I sat next to Dunblane killer Thomas Hamilton

Andy Murray's autobiography is published by Random House.

Andy Murray revealed in his new autobiography, Hitting Back, about how Dunblane Primary School killer Thomas Hamilton, once sat next to him when his mother gave him a lift in their car.

In the 1996 shooting, Hamilton burst into the gym and opened fire. 16 of Andy's classmates and a teacher were murdered.

On that fateful day, Andy, 8, and his older brother Jamie (also a professional tennis player), who was 10, were on their way to the gym. They hid under a desk in the headmaster's study.

The Dunblane killer committed suicide after the shootings.

Andy admits he has struggled to cope with the thought that he could easily have been one of Hamilton's victim.

(Image from Random House)

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