Jun 1, 2008

Andy Murray and Maria Sharapova are gay icons

It's official that Andy Murray and Maria Sharapova top the male and female tennis-pin ups amongst the gay community in the UK.

Gawd, the English gay men and gay women really have bad tastes.

Research conducted by dating website puts Murray and Sharapova atop a long list of players gay men and gay women would most like to date with.

Top 5 Male Tennis Pin-Ups are:

1 Andy Murray 24%
2 Mark Philippoussis 20%
3 Andy Roddick 18%

4 Roger Federer 18%
5 Rafael Nadal 14%

Speaking before his second round at the French Open, Andy said: "I'm flattered. The more fans I have, the better."

Top 5 Female Tennis Pin-Ups are:

1 Maria Sharapova 33%
2 Anna Kournikova 28%
3 Serena Williams 14%
4 Martina Hingis 11%
5 Ana Ivanovic 8%

Anna Kournakova might have hung up her sneakers a while ago, but that doesn’t stop her taking the second place.

(Images from and Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)

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