May 24, 2008

Listening to my own voice (part 2)

Finally this morning I said to myself I had enough. I've been suffering for a week now due to ear blocked and it has been affecting my work, relationship and my lifestyle. I can't communicate properly due to partial hearing loss.

I thought probably Cerumol has helped me to loosen the wax and it's time to get a small procedure done. I am not entire mentally ready for the suction but I just can't take it anymore. Meeting an ENT expert is my last resort. Thank you to Che-Cheh for giving me some advice and confidence. It does help!

So I went to UM Specialist Centre (UMSC) and was consulted by Prof Dr. Prepa. I was told to use the ear drop (Cerumol) for few more days (in a correct way and sufficient amount) until the wax has loosen. And by Friday he'll have the suction procedure done.

Hence I still have to bear with the echo of my own voice inside my head. Haih... I need a dose or two of the French Open matches to numb myself already.

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