Feb 19, 2008

Tony Pua's looking for volunteers: Will bloggers offer help?

It is interesting to know that Tony Pua is most likely to stand against Chew Mei Fun.

Personally I don't think it is an advisable move because everyone knows Chew Mei Fun has a strong influence in PJ Utara and she is a woman who walk the talk.

Few years back, she personally helped my business partners and I who are struggling for months to get a business license. She then even attended the opening ceremony of our small tuition centre in PJ. However, what amazes me is that Chew Mei Fun is a person who recognized faces very well, when she said 'hi' to me at 1 Utama some time ago. She doesn't mind to greet you first. What a humble politician.

As for Tony Pua, I am a regular to his education blog and honestly he is the only DAP leader and blogger I respect due to his non radical approach and often enlightening way of writing.

Tony is looking for volunteers in some areas of his campaign. If you, especially bloggers who have been supporting Tony and DAP 'virtually' all these while, why not get out from your seat and help in his campaign? Unlike Chew Mei Fun and BN, Tony and DAP do not have the luxury for machinery and media.

It is time for you guys, the so-called political bloggers to show some actions rather than just talk the talk. So are you game for it?

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