Feb 23, 2008


As promised in my previous post, I would like to share what I've learned on how to get massive traffic explosion to your blogs too.

Now that paid posts are dead, I'm focusing on blog traffic instead. After a couple of months of researching and reading (without spending a single cent), I've concluded that bloggers who have been experiencing low traffic are able to achieve massive hits by choosing THE keywords to optimize for. By writing the right post at the right time along with the keywords, explosive laser targeted traffic is easy to receive. And this is the secret many big players are not telling us.

Here are the baby steps on how you can get it started and start driving huge number of unique visitors to your blog:

1. The first step in search engine optimization is choosing the right keywords that you want to rank well for on the search engines. This is actually very easy to do but many of us failed because most bloggers love to write whatever they want.

Let's say we are going to write a post about 'tennis'. First you need to use the very powerful keyword tool that Overture provides.

2. Now the next step is to key in 'tennis' in Overture and search for it in the overture keyword tool. The results that I received are shown here:

Count Search Term
216800 tennis
68576 australian open tennis
57918 tennis court
28449 table tennis
22494 prince of tennis
20429 tennis racket
14658 tennis warehouse
13075 2007 australian open tennis
12631 tennis shoes
12501 atp tennis
11772 tennis video

As you can see in the search results, there are thousands of searches done monthly using these keywords and by ranking well in search engines you can get all these visitors for FREE!

Don't get too excited though and DON'T try to rank for the keyword 'tennis' because if you search in Google for that keyword you will find out that there are more than 276 MILLION pages competing for that specific keyword!

So what do we need to do? We need to start small and target less competitive keywords to get some good traffic to begin with and then target the 'BIG FISH'! For example you can target the keyword 'prince of tennis' which is searched for approximately 22,494 times every month and YET there are only approximately 3 million pages competing for it! You CAN rank very well for this keyword and could be on the FIRST page to receive more than 20,000 hits to your website every month. That’s about 600-700 visitors everyday for one keyword FREE!

3. We have chosen a keyword that is not very competitive but gets quite a lot of searches and it is 'prince of tennis'. You can choose a few other keywords like 'tennis clothes' which is only about 380,000 pages competing and yet get about 3000 hits a month for FREE.

4. Now take a few minutes to think of a keyword that is related to your blogs and repeat steps 1 to 3. It's easy and wont take much time. Choose the right keywords and I'll share more tips in the upcoming post.

By the way, don't expect massive traffic overnight nor it will happen in days. Do a lot of research and be alert of the latest news and try to incorporate them into your posts and don't forget to update them from time to time. Hopefully the end results for you is an EXPLOSIVE TRAFFIC to your blog.

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