Feb 20, 2008

I can make your breasts and bra cup 1 size bigger

Yes, I can teach you how to get a bigger boobs instantaneously. No push up bra and no breast implant surgery required.

It's very simple and yet many women do not know how to do it, the right way. Even worse, many women are wearing the wrong bras. A good pair of bra is a woman's best friend. You don't want to look saggy, aren't you?

All you need for this training is your bra. Here are the following steps:

Step 1
Slip your arms through the shoulder straps and place the straps over your shoulder. Using both hands, hold the under-busts band of the bra, lean your body slightly forward and let your breasts fall into and fill the cups.

Step 2
Stand up straight and fasten the hook.

Step 3
Adjust the shoulder straps to a comfortable position and length to avoid them biting into your flesh. Ensure that the shoulder straps are not too tight (you should be able to fit a finger under each strap).

Step 4 (Important!)
Lean your body slightly forward. Push the bulges and excess flesh from your underarm, back and armpit areas towards breast area and into bra cup. You should be able to see the difference between the 2 sides of the breasts now. Repeat for the other side.

Step 5
Stand up straight. Readjust and ensure your nipple is at the centre seam of the bra cup.

Step 6
Pull both shoulder straps upwards and to the back to lift breasts. Adjust back band for a comfortable fit.

Step 7
Readjust and ensure that the bra band encircles your torso at the same level.

Step 8 (if necessary)
Stand up straight. Readjust a final round to ensure that your breasts fit snugly into the bra cups.

The result is really amazing. Now, you will not only get your breasts uplifted and one bra cup size bigger, your waistline will look smaller too. Hope this will help boost your confidence.

For those who are seeking professional training on how to wear bra correctly can contact Sarah. She will try to entertain any questions about wearing the right bra and how to wear it correctly. By the way, Sarah, thank you for the pictures and your 'free training'!

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