Feb 24, 2008

HCFoo's Birthday Quotation and The Ice Cream Cake

Birthday is not for celebration but a day to remember our Mother who had to go through the painful labour process of bringing us into this world - HCFoo

My birthday is just few days away. As usual, I would prefer to remain low profile hoping that no one will waste money and effort to do anything for my birthday.

What I want is just to remember my beloved mother who had to struggle and experienced extr
eme labour pain to deliver me into this world. Hence, it has been a ritual for me to call home and thank my mother instead.

However, there are always caring siblings and friends who want to celebrate your birthday. I celebrated my birthday yesterday, few days earlier, with a small group of friends including my sister. It was just a small gathering. The highlight yesterday wasn't really me but instead it was the Birthday Cake!

I had my dream cake, a mint chocolate ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins.

Blame it on the global warming

However the dry ice cannot last for more than 4 hours. Hence, the ice cream cake was already melted quite a bit by the time we opened it. Even lighting up the candles on the cake made us nervous because the chocolate started to melt too.

The aftermath.

Thank you guys for the birthday cake and the dinner. I truly enjoy last evening.

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