Jan 22, 2008

What you can do with tennis balls

Tennis can be very stressful even for us, the fans and viewers.

You'll probably be spending 2 to 5 hours just by watching one match. And if you get to watch a match like the other day between Leyton Hewitt and Marcos Baghdatis, you have to choose between your precious sleep or witness the latest finish in Grand Slam history.

But tennis is not just about stress. There are some lighter sides of tennis too.

The theme for today is 'What you can do with tennis balls'.

If you get to see tennis beauty like Ana Ivanovic,
you have to show your balls and ask her for autographs!

Grab some tennis balls from the ball boy and show off some juggling skills.

You can clown around like me with a red nose or a tennis ball like Leyton Hewitt.

Or you can grab attention at the Australian Open with a disastrous hairstyle.

(Almost all images from Getty Images)

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